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I'm an escort. I forget to post/update all the time. I'm addicted to books and hot chocolate.

Im in a bad place again, I dont know what is wrong with me.
No matter what i always end up like this, hating myself, hating life, hating everyone around me. I’ve shut everyone out. I dont need them to tell me that I’ll be fine, that im just having a bad day.
I’ve cancelled my bookings and im ignoring both of my phones.
Im so tired.






All these colors were achieved with red, yellow, blue, and green food coloring mixed into white frosting. The amount of drops needed for the color you want is underneath the icing color. So convenient. :)

I love Mint Chip = 3 blue, 3 green

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this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Note to self


Fave post

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surprise period looks like i gotta play the always entertaining ‘how many pieces of toilet paper can i fit in my underpants because i didnt prepare before it looks like i have a penis’

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friendly reminder that your stomach is not supposed to be totally flat because it is home to some of your vital organs and you are a woman so you carry fat there and it doesn’t make you any less sexy and if anyone makes you feel otherwise you should throw up on them

I like this but, if its true then where do people with flat stomachs carry their organs?

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There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you”
“put your seat belt on”
“watch your step”
“get some rest”

..you just gotta listen

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Sex is not a goddamn performance.

Sex should feel as natural as drinking water.

It should not require confidence.

Sex should happen, because the moment is ripe.

Ripening lips, ripening labia, ripening cock, ripening pupils, ripening state of being. Ripe and augmented and brimming. Your energy goes to your pumping heart, then to every external nerve, then to theirs, on fire.

You bask, roll, play in it. You sigh, moan, laugh.

It’s not about being “good in bed.”

It’s about being happy.

One should never worry if they’re doing it “correctly.” Sex is not factual. I don’t want your cookie-cutter sex, I don’t want your meticulously crafted, calculated, fool-proof fuck. I don’t want a show. I want you. Let your instincts, urges and whims define that. It’s enough.

What do most girls like? Forget about it. Statistics are meaningless when there’s only one. Hello, here’s me. Here’s you.

Don’t worry about taking it too slow. We got time. We got infinite rhythms, combinations, possibilities. Explore each fuck. Take our time. We can do a different one later.

Don’t worry about making me come. I’m here. Right where I want to be.

I am overwhelmed by wanting; you don’t have to convince me. I want you because I like you. So don’t put on a front. Don’t taint this.

I’m frustrated—it’s just authenticity I want.

It’s originality.

It’s passion.

It’s joy.

Don’t say that something I like is ugly. Don’t compare yourself to the rest. You will live and die with and within your experiences like everyone else. If someone thinks you are amazing, they are not wrong. Their universe is as real as any other; it is forged through perception.

I don’t care if you accidentally slammed my head into the wall, if you slipped out, if my arm cracked, if the delightful pressure of your wet lips on my anything made a silly sound. There is no right way and no wrong way.

“Good in bed,” what.

You’re good in my bed. I’m pleased you’re there. I feel it suits you.

Shove your technique. Let your memory swallow it. Fuck me like you’d fuck me, fuck me like you feel.

This isn’t a test.

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this is fucking brilliant stuff, wow

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Someone should have told me when I was 16

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This gives me shivers. Nailed it.

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